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Best Sump Pump Stand To Buy

There’s nothing worse than having a sump pump fail during a flood. Not only does your basement become flooded with water, but your house also floods. Sump pumps can get clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris, making them less effective and unable to properly remove the water from your basement.

The residue and the waste gathered in the base will be slowly entangled in the pump, which will decrease the life of the sump pump. So to preserve the pump’s longevity, the pump needs to be elevated and raised from the ground level, making a gap between the sump pump and the deck.

The sump pump stand extends the life of the sump pump and prevents the residue and waste accumulated in the bowl from affecting the pump’s performance. The essential benefit of the sump pump stand is that the sump pump is uplifted from ground level, averting blockage and clogging in the sump pump.

The built-in flow channel can also enhance the speed of moving the water to the pump, which certifies the long life of the pump and its effectiveness.

The sump pump stands are usually oval and raised from the sump pit by 2 – 3″. They act as an intermediary between the sump pump and the sump pit.

Best Sump Pump Stand To Buy

It is important to ensure your sump pump doesn’t get jammed up or blocked by any objects floating in your basement. A good sump pump stand will prevent this from happening. These stands usually have metal construction and have some base to rest on. This ensures you have adequate drainage under the stand.

Some people use concrete blocks, which work great if you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive to make. If you want an upgraded look, then read more to find out.

When you decide you need a new sump pump stand, many options are available. Whether you have a submersible sump pump or pedestal model, you want something sturdy, durable, and high quality at a reasonable price.

Here are our top choices:

How To Buy a Sump Pump Stand?

Some of the best sump pump stands to buy should have the following features :

Easy Installation: These sump pump stands are mostly very easy to install and only take a few minutes to attach to most brands of sump pumps.

Durability: The sump pump stands are usually made of durable and corrosive material that can endure for a long time.

Flexibility and Compatibility: Each sump pump stand is made as stacks that can easily be stacked on top of another stand to adjust the height of the stand. PVC pipes can also be used as limbs for the adjustment of the height of the pump.

Budget-friendly: Each sump pump stand varies between $15 – $25.

Maintaining the Sump Pump Stand:

Maintenance of the sump pump and its stand is a must for the device to be enduring and durable. Examining regularly and cleaning consistently helps ensure that the sump pump works accurately.

Raising the sump pumps on bricks/stones?

The sump pumps need to be elevated to stop the gathering of sediments, residue, debris, and waste particles which may lead to collapsing of the sump pump.

But sadly, bricks and stones do not work so well because the bricks and stones do not give much support at corners, unlike sump pump stands, as the stands are manufactured in a way that helps the sump pumps perform better.

The sump pump stands are reliable, well-grounded, easy to use, and budget-friendly.

The sump pit or the bowl below the pump is the worst thing to clean as there are a lot of waste buildup and clogging. That is why we are asked to raise the sump pumps on a stand to keep the pump away from dirt and sediments, which makes the pump ineffective.


Therefore we conclude that stands for the sump pumps are essential, and it helps the pumps work better in moving water out effectively and ensures the longevity of the sump pump. We hope to have satisfied your needs in this article!

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