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How To Hide Sump Pump In Basement

Why hide the sump pump?

Sump pumps are meant to keep your basement dry if you have a leak in the foundation, but they can also create some noise that’s hard to ignore. Sump pumps are very loud, so they usually only produce a small amount of sound when they’re pumping water out of a sump pit or chamber. If you want to reduce the noise from a sump pump, you should consider hiding them.

Sump pumps can also disturb the appearance of your basement if left out in the open. Hiding your sump pump will prevent any unsightly plumbing fixtures or pipes from being exposed on the outside of your home. Plus, it can be less conspicuous for guests and family members who come into your home regularly.

Hiding a sump pump is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to plan carefully and follow some steps to get the job done right. Luckily, there are ways to hide the sump pump to enjoy a more peaceful and quiet time in your basement without having to worry about water damage.

9 ways to hide sump pumps in the basement:

Decorate your Sump Pump Cover:

A decorative cover will add style and class to your sump pump. Choose a pattern or color that complements the rest of your home, especially for outdoor models. You could even use a stainless steel cover instead.

Install a Floor-to-Ceiling Curtain:

Try a hanging curtain. Hang one on each side of the sump pump to keep the view blocked while allowing light to enter. Keep in mind that sump pumps need air circulation to function correctly.


Use underlayment to seal the floor around the perimeter of your sump pump. Underlayment is waterproof material placed under a carpet to protect its surface. It comes with a lifetime warranty against moisture damage. Cut the underlayment where needed at ceiling level. Use a staple gun to secure the edges together. Then lay down the carpet over the area and install your sump pump.

Use a Rug as a Cover:

The most straightforward method to conceal a sump pump is to cover it with a rug (or carpet). With this simple and effective solution, there is no need to invest much money to hide your sump pump.

Choose a rug that appears to be part of your Basement’s design so that it seems to be an integral part of the decor. By doing so, you will appear more “invisible” as you go about your daily routine.

Cover with Plants:

Plant some potted plants around the sump pump to create a lush green oasis that you’re proud to show off. Or hang a basket filled with fresh flowers above the sump pump to brighten your space. Be sure to position the baskets away from the sump pump.

Construct a Small Deck:

One way to cover a sump pump is to build a small deck. Consider using a lower than the expected railing explicitly made for this purpose. You would use the deck only with the sump pump installed inside. The decking material should not have sharp edges that might scratch or cut the feet of someone who steps onto it.

sump pump hiding

Create a Closet:

You might want to consider concealing your sump pump by building a cabinet around it. The added storage space will be great! You can hide the sump pump and its storage area behind a door if you already have a basement with shelves and storage. As well as preventing sound from reaching you, a closet is a wise decision. You can make your closet even quieter by adding insulation.

Use a Chair or Couch as a Cover:

Get creative here and build something unique. You could try a wooden folding chair or bench covered with carpeting or fabric. Place the seat right next to the sump pump when it’s running.

Cover with faux flooring:

A sump pump can be effectively concealed with fake flooring. Place your sump pump beneath false wall-to-wall flooring and then lay false wall-to-wall flooring on top of it. By combining shelves with the sump pump cover, you can conceal your sump pump without compromising storage space.

On top of the sump pump, you can build a piece of storage furniture. Don’t forget to make sure You can access the sump pump from what you create over it.

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Final Thoughts:

These are nine ideas we hope you find useful for hiding sump pumps in basements. You can find something that fits any budget. Sump pumps can be concealed and covered as long as you keep them out of sight. If hiding them, be careful not to block the discharge pipe. The small detail might seem insignificant, but it will save you trouble later.

While hiding your sump pump may seem like the best solution, you must always be aware of water hazards in your home. If you do not properly address the problem once you’ve hidden your sump pump, your health and safety are compromised. Always ensure the area is free of water before installing any new equipment.

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